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At the foot of Mont Blanc, SAINT-GERVAIS (850 m) toout offers the charm of a true Savoyard village with typical houses from the beginning of the century, its rich heritage, its baroque church and pedestrian areasThe thermal water of Mont Blanc irrigates the spa for over 200 years. Thanks to its therapeutic benefits, Saint-Gervais is the only thermal altitude resort in the Alps now with its thermal spa of Mont BlancWith buildings from the early last century, features antique chic Belle Epoque, Saint-Gervais offers visitors a unique style spa town, in a ski resort.

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Saint Gervais Mont Blanc


The advantage of Saint Gervais is to be a real town where you can explore all of the Fayet Bettex, the snow front, through the authentic Savoyard village of Saint Nicolas de Véroce or Saint Gervais the historic center with typical spa architecture. Whether you choose to walk, explore, slide, slide down ... paths, trails, freeride spot or snowpark, you prefer to ascend to the Mont Blanc so picturesque, ballooning, paragliding or the Tramway du Mont-Blanc, the variety of activities offered at St. Gervais allows you to indulge your every whim. Today the Tramway du Mont Blanc is one of the last three cog railways in France. It takes you over the winter to ski Prarion / Bellevue (1800 m).

Measure the exception and the space it book your passion for great skiing ... 445km of slopes for all levels, 117 lifts, 647 snow cannons. On the slopes of Mont Blanc, Saint-Gervais plays with all dimensions to give you unparalleled sensations



This magnificent heritage, the station wants the sustain and made at the initiative of its mayor Jean-Marc Peillex, the deliberate choice of respect and not the outrageous commercial exploitation of the mountain. A mayor with avant-garde of sustainable development that promotes gentle tourism, whose slogan "Pure Mountain in State" beginning to bear fruit.

In summer, it leads you to the foot of Glacier Bionassay at Eagle's Nest at 2372 meters altitude. From there, the mountaineers and equipped will have access to shelters Tête Rousse and Tasting, for the ascent of Mont Blanc. Besides skiing and mountaineering, Saint Gervais is also known for its thermal baths. Since 1806, the Baths of Saint-Gervais-les-Bains are indeed considered in the treatment of dermatological conditions. Care based on thermal water of Saint-Gervais-les-Bains provide an anti-inflammatory effect softening and healing. In addition, the thermal baths of Saint-Gervais-les-Bains have the particularity to treat dual pathology Asthma / Eczema very common in children.

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Princiapls webcams of Saint Gervais et du bettex ski resort and view on the 'Mont Blanc'.

Webcam le Bettex Saint Gervais

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Top slopes du Bettex

Mont BLanc depuis le Bettex

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Top of skilift Vanay Saint Gervais

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