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Availability (otpion)

FUNCTIONING the booking mode.


Most of the web hosts offer their accommodation on many websites, this is why we conduct a pre-hire booking to check availability of desired accommodation.

When validating an e-mail booking pre-booking is sent simultaneously to the host and tenant to put them in touch.
Once the availability checked by the host, it will confirm the reservation the tenant after the tenant confirmation  can then print the lease and the corporation shall make a deposit or payment.

In the mail pre-booking, the two parties will find the addresses of each to get in touch more quickly by telphone or @ mail. Some hosts are not under their mail regularly we recommend after 2 or 3 days to contact your host by phone for faster confirmation.



IMPORTANT: The reservation of rent becoming final and the signing of the lease agreement by the two parties and the receipt of the deposit or payment.


A) Pre-booking online:

1) Select your location
2) click on the booking botton
3) Select your type of stay (weekly or daily)
4) Enter dates of stay and fill out your registration form.
5) Confirm your booking request by clicking on the button "CONFIRM YOUR PRE-BOOKING". Your location is blocked on the website schedule for 5 days (working) simultaneously email information is sent to the host in order to prevent you wish booking.
After receiving the lessor will confirm availability and you can complete your booking by printing the lease and returning it with payment (deposit or down payment).
6) Upon receipt of 2 copies of your contract and deposit, your host will return a copy of the signed contract.

For a response instant availability we recommend you make your pre-booking your email address and immediately past, then you can have the details of your host to contact by telephone.

CAUTION: After 5 days (working days or 8 days with the weekend) the option is lost and rental returns 'Available'. In case this period is too short, do to prevent your host by phone or mail for it prolongs your booking.